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APN Settings – Complete list of APN Settings from the United States

APN Settings.  In this section you will find the list of APN settings that we have compiled from the different Operators in the United States.  They are updated regularly so that we can ensure that you can always find the most updated and most reliable APN Settings for your mobile operator.

Just to give you some a quick explanation on the APN Settings, they are a group of values that your smartphone uses to identify the corresponding route to access the internet.  They are normally pre-configured in your phone when they are sold to you, however chances are that those settings might have changed over time or you simply switched to a different provider and now are looking for the new values.

APN Settings - Android PhoneAnother good example of why there are so many people looking for APN Settings is that if they are not correctly setup in your phone, chances are that you are not able to browse the internet, or sometimes the version of the APN configured on your phone is not the fastest one, for some operators, there are normal 3G versions and enhanced 4G LTE APN settings, which provide much faster velocity for enjoying high speed, high definition videos.

We also see many people struggling with errors on the Picture Messaging, or Multimedia Messages, which is also relying on these APN  Settings, so that you can correctly send and receive picture messages properly on your phone.  Bear in mind that they are often referred to MMS Settings – They are the same set of information.

Now that you have more clarity on what APN Settins are all about, you are ready to play around with them.   In the list below, you fill find the list of the most common APN Settings for the top prepaid cell phone services providers in the United States.  If there is one missing and you are particularly interested in, please drop us a message and we’ll try our best to get that for you.

ATT  Prepaid MVNO’s

ATT APN Settings

Consumer Cellular

Cricket Wireless

Straight Talk ATT APN Settings

H2O Wireless

T-Mobile Prepaid MVNO’s


Straight Talk T-Mobile APN

Simple Mobile