Straight Talk ATT APN Settings

Straight Talk ATT APN Settings

Straight Talk ATT APN Settings

Straight Talk ATT APN Settings.   If you are using Straight Talk and are currently having trouble with the picture messaging services or not able to browse the internet, we recommend you to take a look at your phone and make sure it has the correct straight talk apn settings.

As Straight talk is a MVNO that uses the network infrastructure from both AT&T and T-Mobile, it is pretty important that you now which one is your home based network.  This post provides only the correct setting for the Straight Talk AT&T APN Settings.  If you are not sure, please read this article about determining the correct network you are using.

Straight Talk ATT APN Settings – Values to be used

At this point, we assume your Straight Talk mobile service utilizes AT&T as the home based network.  Please refer to the below table to update the APN settings you have.

Field Value
Name Straight Talk
APN tfdata
Proxy not required
Port not required
User name not required
Password not required
Server not required
MMS Proxy
MMS Port 80
MCC 310
MNC 410
Authentication Type Use default value
APN Type default,mms,fota,hipri,supl
APN Protocol IPv4
Bearer Not required

Straight Talk ATT APN Settings – Instructions by Phone model

In case you don’t know how to proceed with the APN Creation on your phone, please locate the proper column that correspond to the phone model you are using.

Before you proceed, please double check the below points:

  • You have a valid data plan
  • The Mobile data is turned on in the phone
  • Make sure you have entered the APN exactly as they appear

android iPhone Windows Phone
Go to:



Mobile Networks

Access Points names

Hit the menu option and create a new APN

For iPhone just go to:  Phone




Mobile data

For those folks with Windows phone:

On Start

you need to flick left on the App List

you will then see Settings

finally tap on Cellular

Add a new APN from there

If you are still not able to browse the internet or send and receive multimedia messages, please drop us a message below in the comment section.

for reference this is the Official Straight Talk Support Site