MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator

In this article we will provide you the full list of Mobile Virtual Network Operators or better known as MVNO in the United States.  Maybe we should start explaining a little bit about MVNO – which is basically a wireless communications services provider that uses somebody else’s infrastructure to provide the services, they don’t have their own infrastructure.

a MVNO usually have a special deal with the big players such as AT&T, T-Mobile, etc and buy their services at a discounted wholesale price and then resell it to their customers with a different rate and plan.

MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator in The United States of America

Currently there are dozens and dozens of companies which operates under this kind of licenses offering a great variety of options to the end consumers,  which is the main area of their business, however there are also a few ones that offer similar services to companies / businesses.

MVNO in the United StatesAmong some of the attractive services they offer are unlimited data plans, bring your own devices (byod) combined with a great marketing plan!

One single MVNO company can be using the infrastructure from various providers, for instance, Straight Talk not only offer services they purchase from AT&T, but they also uses T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon’s network, which gives them quite a lot of flexibility and increases their offering to the end consumer – Isn’t that amazing?


AT&T is definitely one of the key players that is providing the most number of MVNO’s their infrastructure.   Some of the common brands you can find:

AirVoice Wireless

Cricket Wireless

H2O Wireless

Straight Talk


T-Mobile MVNO ‘s

T-Mobile’s infrastructure is also among the most used ones, having a high number of companies that offer services, you can find famous names such as:

Net10 Wireless

Straight Talk

GoSmart Mobile

Liberty Wireless


Verizon MVNO ‘s

Verizon, being the biggest US mobile operator of course is behind a lot of Mobile Virtual Network Operators.  The most common Verizon MVNO we can find in the US:

Straight Talk

Family Talk Wireless