Verizon MVNO

Verizon MVNO – Complete analysis

Verizon MVNO – Complete analysis: Prices, features and coverage

Verizon MVNO – Complete analysis: Prices, features, coverage and speed.  In this post we will give you an overview of all the Mobile Service Providers that is using the Verizon Infrastructure.  These Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s) use their own brand name to market and sell their service.  Anything you do on your smartphone: browse, talk or text is passing through the Verizon Infrastructure.

Before we jump into the list of Verizon MVNO ‘s, maybe we can speak a little bit about the advantage of being under the Verizon’s network.  Based on the 2015 Tom’s guide on 4G nationwide speed, Verizon’s network was the fastest one, with an average download speed of 24.0 mbps and an upload of 14.3 mbps.  Download speed is relevant for fast streaming, while the upload come in handy whenever you need to upload big amount of data (pictures, videos, etc.)

The network performance is definitely the most important factor for us when deciding to purchase a mobile data plan.  Besides the good speed, we also need consistency, so this is actually a great advantage when you acquire a data plan from the Verizon MVNO family.

Verizon MVNO – Options and Prices

We have looked into the options available in the market, the below ones are the most attractive Verizon MVNO  ‘s:

Net10 Wireless.  With a $ 45 monthly option you can have unlimited talk and text.  Great LTE speed for the first 3GB, and then it will be restricted to 64 kbps.

Straight Talk.  Similar offering: $ 45 monthly fee, unlimited talk and text.  Straight talk Verizon MVNO offers LTE speed for the first 5 GB, network speed also downgraded to 64 kbps afterwards

Red Pocket Mobile.  This is the cheapest option of the Verizon MVNO family.  With as low as $ 19.99 per month you can enjoy up to 300 minutes talk and unlimited texting.  Downside is that you won’t be high speed LTE, instead you only get 1 GB at 3G speed.  There is also a $37/month, unlimited talking and 1 GB / LTE speed option.

Envie Mobile.  For $ 35 a month, you get unlimited talking and texting.  Good deal if you call abroad often as it includes $ 10 international credit.  Data is at 3G speed – 1 GB included in the plan.

Verizon MVNO – Final wordings

As we have mentioned previously, the positive side is that Verizon offer a very fast and reliable nationwide LTE 4G network.  One thing to take into consideration, if you are planning to use your smartphone as mobile hotspot (tethering), this is not an option.  Verizon MVNO’s don’t offer tethering capability on their normal data plans, you will need to purchase a special data plan for that.