The truth behind unlimited data – bandwidth throttling

The truth behind unlimited data – bandwidth throttling

The truth behind unlimited data – bandwidth throttling.  How many times you have seen an advertisement of a supposed-unlimited data plan for your cellphone and you have thought… it’s too good to be true?  Well, perhaps you are right!

Most mobile services providers don’t offer a true unlimited data plan.  For various reasons:

  • it consumes a lot of bandwidth
  • can have a negative effect on network speed
  • data plan can be too expensive.
  • Tethering

Bandwidth Throttling – how it impacts my data plan?

What do we mean by – don’t offer a true unlimited data plan?  Well, technically it is unlimited, however there are some limitations on the consumption and speed after you reach certain threshold.

Mobile services companies usually employ a method known as bandwidth throttling to reduce the impact of data consumption.  For instance, you are offered an unlimited data plan, and the conditions are that on the first 2 Giga-byte you have fastest LTE 4G speed, however once you have consumed those initial 2 Giga-byte you are then downgraded to a much slower speed connection – sometimes it could be 3G or even Edge (lower than 128 kbps).

Next time that someone offers you an unlimited data plan, please make sure you read the fine prints and clarify whether there will be some sort of bandwidth restrictions on it.  You may also want to know if you can use Tethering on your phone (use your smartphone as mobile hotspot to share your internet with others), as this is normally not allowed by mobile service providers, or at least you may need to pay an extra fee in case you want to use Tethering.

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As a summary, these are a few aspects of the mobile plan conditions you would like to look at when acquiring a prepaid data plan:

  • The network speed they offer (LTE is the fastest)
  • Coverage
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Tethering

You can go to our Unlimited Data Plans section to review the ones available in the market!.   We hope that with this article we can help you make a smarter prepaid phone purchase!

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