Unlimited Data Plans

Unlimited data plan in the US

Unlimited Data Plan – US Operators

Unlimited data plan – US Operators.  With all the media content that is being shared nowadays it is very understandable that you can be consuming your mobile data plan in just a few days.  If you are one of those folks who are suffering from the limitation that most of the mobile data plan offers, we have good news for you!

In this post, we have researched among the different mobile operators that offers an unlimited data plan to their customers.  Plans  without the so called- bandwidth throttling. Yes, a plan which gives you unlimited data with no restrictions, or at least something that you can live with.

In the below section we have compiled the information that is available regarding the operators in the united states that offer an unlimited data plan.  Some of them don’t allow mobile tethering (using your mobile phone as a wireless hotspot to share the internet with other devices).  Others will allow it with some data limit  This might be an important criterion in case you have other devices that are going to use the same data plan.

Sprint 70 Bucks Unlimited Data Plan

Spring offers a 70 dollars a month prepaid, no contract Unlimited plan, which includes unlimited data, talk and text  (while on the same network).   You will need to purchase a $30/month line and add the unlimited plan for $40/month per line

What we like

  • Unlimited data, talk and text
  • No contract needed
  • Tethering is allowed

Fine prints:

There is a 23 GB LTE Speed data threshold (it’s pretty high though)

Tethering for up to 3GB

T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile offers a similar service, with a slightly higher price – for $95 a month, you can use unlimited 4G LTE high speed data, unlimited talk and text within the T-Mobile network

What we like:

  • Tethering permitted, up to 14 GB
  • Unlimited high speed LTE Data
  • Great high speed data coverage
  • No contract

Some fine prints:

Similar to Sprint, there is a 23 GB data limit on LTE speed

You will be downgraded to 2G speeds afterward

MetroPCS Unlimited LTE Data plan

A very good option is the MetroPCS LTE high speed plan.  For only $60 a month, you can enjoy a prepaid unlimited high speed data, talk and text plan.  MetroPCS is a MVNO that uses the T-Mobile Infrastructure

What we like:

  • Excellent price among the cheapest unlimited data plan we could find
  • Great high speed coverage
  • You can use your phone as mobile hotspot
  • No contract

Fine prints:

23 GB LTE Speed and 8 GB tethering

T-Mobile branded customers have higher network priority on congested peak hours

We hope that the unlimited data plans we have provided you on this article can help you make a wiser decision at the moment of purchasing a prepaid service.